Top 10 Selling Refinished Furniture Pieces

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

Ok, let’s be real for a minute. Nobody is refinishing used furniture for fun. Yes, it is fun and its a great way to express your artistic side, and it is satisfying to see the transformation from a used furniture piece that could be headed for a landfill into a featured piece in someone’s home. But let’s face it, we need to make money (well most of us anyway)
So how can we continue to do the things we love to do and actually make money? Well, one way is to work smarter, not harder. Try to buy the used furniture that is most likely to sell. It doesn’t do you any good to make a piece beautiful if no one is going to buy it.
Here is a list of the top 10 selling used furniture pieces to help you decide what to buy and what to leave alone.

10. Benches
These are great, small, easy to transport and carry, don’t require as much time to refinish, and almost everyone has room for a bench somewhere in their home.

9. Nightstands/end tables
Ever visit anyone who didn’t have either of these? Yeah, me neither. But most people are looking for a matching set. If you can find a pair in good shape at a good price, snap those puppies up. You can sell those all day long. Most of the time these are easily transported and moved around by one person as well.

8. Desks
Everyone loves a nice looking desk. When you sit down to do your bills you should at least have something pretty to look at. If they aren’t buying one for themselves, customers will buy one for their children or grandkids if it is pretty enough. This is an area of the used furniture market where we really stand out. You will never see a beautiful desk in a furniture store. They are usually cheaply made and plain Jane looking.

7. Bookcases
No matter how big or small someone’s place is, we all need a bookcase. Usually people have more than one and in multiple rooms of their home. That makes these a good bet. Avoid the cheap ones with cardboard backs and make sure it is sturdy. You don’t want to have to spend hours making it structurally sound.

6. Tables/chairs
Good solid table/chairs today cost a small fortune and they often aren’t that nice to look at. People want something that is going to last a long time and look great when company comes over. I’ve never had a set take very long to sell. If its solid and has a quality finish, its out the door in no time. When looking at a used one to purchase, make sure you sit on all the chairs, look at the legs and under the table. Make sure all the chairs are in good shape, its harder to sell a table with only 3 good chairs.

5 China cabinet/hutch
OK, nobody “needs” a china cabinet but women love these things and they really are great for storage and can be the centerpiece of a room. Avoid the humongous ones as you lose a lot of folks who don’t have huge rooms and so they wouldn’t fit. Hoosier cabinets are the top seller in this category.

4. Buffet/Sideboard
The same goes for these pieces, they are not needed but sure do look nice in a room, and are often used for display and storage in the dining room. These are pretty easy to find as well in thrift stores and estate sales.

3. Armoire
These sell exceptionally well in areas with older homes because they usually have very small closets in the bedrooms. A beautiful armoire can really stand out in a bedroom and solves the storage issue. Again, check them out before buying as there are some out there with cardboard backs and cheaply made. If you can find an antique one in good structural shape you are golden.

2. Coffee tables
Everyone uses coffee tables, but be careful. Everyone is also refinishing them. There are usually several to choose from in every shop you visit. If your area is flooded with nice looking refinished coffee tables you may want to pass or be ok with them taking a long time to sell.

1. Dresser/Chest
We all need them and have multiple in our home. We also change them out as our styles change, children grow older or we redecorate. These used furniture pieces are a sure thing as long as you start with a good sturdy one and do a great job of refinishing it. Pay attention to the inside as well as the back. If the outside looks like a Vango but inside the drawers there are stains, stickers, and debris, people will not want to put their clothes in there. A fresh coat of paint and sealer on the inside and pretty paper drawer liner makes the piece look more polished. Also I advise painting the back as well to make sure the whole piece is cohesive.

So there you go! Now go out and find a great piece of used furniture to get started on! Happy painting!