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What to do with Grandma’s Used Furniture??? Is it just more crap???

At a time when the trend is to downsize, simplify and be minimal it’s sometimes hard to take in more items. Yet everyone, everywhere wants to keep giving us stuff, probably because they are trying to downsize, simplify and be minimal! So, what should we do when we are ask to save Grandmas furniture from a landfill?

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Furniture Finishes- The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Are you confused about why some pieces of chalk painted furniture are sealed with a polyurethane such as Minwax topcoat, some are sealed with wax and some are sealed with another type of polycrylic finish such as Dixie Belle’s Gator Hide? Well there is more than one...

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Top 10 Selling Refinished Furniture Pieces

Ok, let's be real for a minute. Nobody is refinishing used furniture for fun. Yes, it is fun and its a great way to express your artistic side, and it is satisfying to see the transformation from a used furniture piece that could be headed for a landfill into a...

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